Cake with a view

As far as venues go, I couldn't say that Daf & Hayley could have picked a better one. Or should I say, created a better one! They decided to pitch up a marquee to host their own wedding! This was one lucky cake, to be sat there all day overlooking the beautiful Aberporth beach, there will be no luckier cake than this one, and it would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for including it in such a special day.

It was just a perfect match for them and their theme. It looked right at home with the swathes of yellow and the greenery of the field as a backdrop. My imagination led me to believe it looked as though the daisies had all been handpicked form the field and placed on the cake!

It was such a special day, I'm so proud of Daf and very happy to officially call Hayley family. The day went without a hitch from start to finish. Mind you, a perfect day doesn't come without a massive amount of effort, right down to the little details. Boy do I love details :) in any wedding, I love the set up and the styling of the cake table, getting the display just right (after all, they are going to be in a lifelong cherished photograph!) so it has to look perfect. I even got to help out a little more than usual which was such a pleasure.

I was so happy when Hayley pulled me to one side to tell me their cake had surpassed her expectations and it made my day to know that these two were over the moon with what I had made for them.

It was up there as one of my most time consuming and intricate wedding cakes to date, from patiently watching over the salted caramel to cutting and hand shaping each little daisy, at which point you can forget blinking for a while. But it was a joy from start to finish.

Then there were the flavours, the top two were favourites requested by Dafydd and the lemon and vanilla a joint decision as they both loved them at the tasting.

Well a cake with a view it is no more, but a sweet memory and a shared delight it was to all!

(A little thanks to my mum and my husband for their help and for all who were involved in setting up and helping out with preparations towards this wonderful day)

xx Llongyfarchiadau i Daf a Hayley xx

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