Elin & Matt's Wedding

All weddings are special and it's always a privilege to be a part of the day by making the wedding cake, but it's even more special when it's a cake for someone close to you. I just wanted to share the process of making my best friends wedding cake, from sketch to that special moment of cutting the cake!

I'm sure Elin would have been happy with a number of styles but I really wanted to make her something special, a romantic style that would compliment her dress and bouquet. Knowing her and her taste, the rose cascade was a perfect fit. Delicate, romantic, feminine and above all beautiful , just like her.

So for the flavours; the top tier was a chocolate sponge with an orange filling (the bride's fave), the middle tier was a lemon zest sponge with lemon filling (my hubby's favourite) and the bottom tier was a delicious vanilla bean sponge with vanilla bean filling (a real crowd pleaser!), all doused with syrup!

After a long drive from Cardiff to Narberth and after being stuck in traffic for a few nervous hours, set up commenced (my favourite bit) and I set about making it all come together. The staff loved the scatter petals, which I had to convince were edible :) concentration central going on here.....

After a long drive from Cardiff and being stuck in traffic for a few hours, set up commenced (my favourite bit) seeing it finally come together in situe!

After a wonderful ceremony and day, the moment we've been waiting for, the cutting of the cake! It's good luck for the couple to cut through the bottom tier together, an old tradition that is as strong as ever and long may it continue.

And finally for it's most enjoyable purpose.....finger portions for everyone and don't they look pretty and uniform altogether. From what I heard everyone enjoyed it :) including myself!

Perhaps the 'sweetest' part, is that they'll be able to keep all the sugar roses as a perfect momento from their wedding. (Plus I dont think I could cope if she binned them!!)

Congratulations Matt & Elin xxx

Just a final note to say thank you to the helpful staff at Plas Hyrfyd Hotel, Narberth. Hope to see you all again soon.

Sara @ Cake Expectations Cardiff x

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