No More Rainbow Hands!

rainbow hands Cake Expectations.jpg

Have you ever worked on a multicolour cake and been rewarded with rainbow stained hands?! Here are some simple tips that might help avoid this:

-While colouring icing or gum paste, it’s always best to wear plastic gloves. You avoid embarrassing coloured hands!

-It’s more efficient too. When you knead with your bare hands, all that colour that stains your palms is colour that didn’t make it into the icing. Over time, that all adds up to wasted colour & wasted pennies! Keep it in the icing I say

-Everything is a little easier to handle. It doesn’t stick or dry out quite so quickly, leaving a better result in texture and overall finish to the icing

-If you’ve had a ‘can’t be bothered’ moment (I’m guilty of this at times) and have food colouring all over your hands, make sure to wash it as quickly as possible - a light rub with sugar through your palms normally does the trick in minimizing the stain.

Have fun! Sara x

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